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Water Softener


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Softer water brings joy to your skin

  • Remove Residual Chlorine

  • Prevent skin moisture loss

  • Soften skin, hair and scalp

  • Reduce dead skin cells and skin friction

  • Reduce dandruff
  • Details

    Non-Woven Filter

    Removal of rust residue suspended solids

    Composite filter for smoother skin (Active Carbon Filter + Vitamin)

    By removing chlorine and substances remaining in tap water, a composite filter minimizes irritation to the skin and keeps your skin smoother.

    Outstanding water softening efficiency

    Softener efficiency has increased greatly with the product design that utilizes the ion exchange resin 100% by using the scatter board installed inside the tank.

    User-friendly Switchover Valve

    A simple switch allows user to choose from tap water or softened water.

    Slim & Compact

    It’s designed on a single body frame and brings classy aura to the bathroom environment.


    Operating Water Pressure 0.07 MPa - 0.98 MPa
    Operating Temperature 2°C - 80°C
    Resin Type NA+ Type strongly acid cation exchange resin
    Resin Capacity 1.5L
    Water Softening Capacity 900L / regeneration (Standard: 100ppm of water hardness)
    Regeneration 350g (Recommended amount of recycler)
    Dimensions 324(W) x 450(H) X 133(D)mm
    Weight 7 kg


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