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  • Sally (CHP-06EL)

Refurbished - SALLY (CHP-06EL)


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Reverse Osmosis Floor-standing water purifier and dispenser (suitable for offices with more than 10 persons).

  • Award Winning Design

  • Hot water safety feature

  • Temperature and Operation Display

  • Automatic Water Temperature Control

  • Front Drain Design
  • Details

    Cold or Room Temperature Water by Single Faucet

    Cold or Room temperature (Ambient) water is delivered at your finger tip by a simple rotation of the selection knob.

    Temperature and Operation Display

    It is easy to see the operation condition of the product including Cold/Hot water and temperature.

    Hot Water Safety Faucet

    Prevents burn or hot water scalding as a safety feature.

    Slim & Compact Design

    Easy installation feature and space-saving design make Coway CHP-06EL/CHP-06ER different from others with the slim and compact design.

    Air-tight Tank

    Special sealing is applied to the water tank to keep it from the secondary contamination that may be caused by dusts, ants and other alien substances.

    Low Level Detection

    Reduces power consumption and improve the product stability by stopping the operation of heater when the level of water inside the tank becomes low due to water cut-off.

    Dual Water Level Controller

    In order to prevent water overflow, safety block with double air bladders are applied.

    Prevention of Fine Dust

    Fine dust flowed into the water tank are eliminated by using a “Fine Post-Carbon Filter”.

    Automatic Water Temperature Control

    To deliver the best possible water temperature, a special micro-controller monitors the whole water purification process at all times.

    Front Drain Design

    Water tanks should be cleaned regularly to ensure the quality of water. Unlike the cold water tank, hot water tank should be emptied via dedicated drainage. This is due to the tank design with the energy efficiency in consideration. By pulling down the cover at the center, you can extract hot water completely without moving the whole system.


    Model CHP-06ER CHP-06EL
    Power Consumption Cooler 95W
    Heater 430W
    Tank Capacity Room water 6 L
    Cold water 3 L
    Hot water 2 L
    Filtration System   RO with Pump RO without Pump
    Filter Neo Sense Filter 14” 14”
    Membrane 14” (75GPD) 14” (50GPD)
    Fine Post-Carbon 14” 14”
    Filtraion Capacity 11.8 L/hr (25°C, 60 psi) 7.9 L/hr (25°C, 20 psi)
    Dimension (Width x Height x Depth) 260 (W) x 448 (D) x 1150 (H) mm
    Net Weight 29kg 27kg

    Hyper Filtration with 0.0001 Micron Purified

    Coway's R.O. Filtration System


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