Did you know that an average human spends less than 9 hours a day at home? Sadly, that is true. However, here are 10 home appliances every household need to have to brighten up their day!

10. Coffee Machine

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Come on, just look at that. In today's society, I find it extremely tough to do without coffee, caffeine. I mean seriously, I average at least 2 dosages a day, how about you guys?


9. The Bladeless Fan

Image Source: Dyson

Let's face it, unless you are doing pretty comfortably in life or perhaps during times like this when the Haze is unbearable, you can’t be turning on your Air-Con 24/7. At some point in time, a fan will come in handy. Dyson’s Bladeless Fan might just be the one for you.


8. An Air Purifier

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I believe we all know how important it is to own an Air Purifier whenever our neighbor gets hit by a Forest Fire. But most people didn’t realize on a daily basis (Indoor or Outdoor) our air is filled with dust and harmful air particles. I highly recommend people with a sensitive nose like myself to get one. It makes a world of a difference as an Air Purifier with Coway’s True HEPA filter can filtrate up to 99.97% of dust/harmful air particles.


7. A Microwave Oven a.k.a Chef Mike

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Ahhh… Chef Mike. How can we leave without “him”. It’s the 21st Century people, most households (like mine) just do not have the time or the culinary skills to cook anymore.


6. The Refrigerator

Image Source: wonderfulengineering


The Amazing Refrigerator, life will never be the same without them. I mean seriously, share with me 1 person you know that can do without a refrigerator at home and I will personally conduct an interview with him for my next post.


5. The Juicer

Image Source: Coway’s Juicepresso


They say that the cold press juice will be the healthy drink of the decade. That is absolutely true. Research has shown that juices extracted via a Cold press or Slow juicer manage to retain more than 30% of the vitamins & minerals as compared to the traditional juicers. If you've yet to have one for your family, what are you waiting for?


4. Washing Machine & Dryer

Image Source: aeg.co.uk


It is a norm that people don’t hand-wash anymore. (you don’t say..) But did you know that it is a trend that we don’t even hang our clothes to dry anymore? The double barrel Washing Machine cum Power Dryer could solve all household’s space constraint problem.


3. The Vacuum Cleaner

Image Source: Business Insider


Alright, be honest with me, leave a comment below if you still mop your own floor once a week. Well, at least for my household, we don’t. But what we do instead is we use the vacuum just about every single day.


2. Water Purifier

Image Source: Coway’s Water Purification System


This one is all about the lifestyle and the convenience folks. (just look how sleek that is compared to your kettle!) Definitely, a Water Purification System will be more applicable in countries with terrible water condition. But just think about the ecstatic & functionality value of this system. You will never need to boil your water or buy bottled waters again for your household or the office. As with Coway’s water purifier, with just 1 touch you will be able to extract purified Cold, Hot & Ambient water. Besides, if there is one thing we humans aren’t doing well enough, that is drinking WATER. Do click here to learn more about the benefits of water.


1. The Curved Television

Image Source: Samsung


Finally, the one thing everybody wishes to do once they reach home (apart from hitting the slack) is to sit right in front of your TV and enjoy some well-deserved Entertainment! I call this the ME time. No distractions, no commitments, just lean back on your couch and enjoy the rest of your night.

PS: Do let me know in the comments section below if you agree, disagree or if I’ve missed out anything. 

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