Very often people tend to only think about themselves, their own well being or their extravaganza lifestyles. At most, they will be slightly concerned about their next to immediate generation which will be lived by their kids. However, what happened after that isn't of any concern to them anymore. Do you know that if we don’t start taking care of our environment today we will be leaving behind a Singapore with her temperature at least 2 to 5 degree Celsius hotter in the next century! Just think about how hot the weather is today and imagining that being 2 to 5 degrees hotter when we are well into our golden years. I know I don't want to go through that but I can’t guide the future solely by my own hands. Therefore, here are 5 Simple ways to Improve our Environment that we all ought to contribute.

1. Recycling

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I happen to have the privilege to visit multiple places in my life thus far and I’ve come across countries that take recycling to a whole other level. In Taiwan, it is a social law to differentiate your waste matter into plastic, paper, metal and general waste. Such waste disposal containers are located at every single estate. It is the common point of disposal within the entire block whereby one has to physically carry their bags of waste down for disposal. It is very unlike the culture we have here in Singapore whereby we simply just chuck our waste down the rubbish chute. However, I am glad to see that beneath or within the vicinity of every HDB block, there is a visible recycling container for us. But still people, how often do you recycle?

2. Use Reusable Bottles & Bags

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Alright, I am sure many of us are guilty of this. (myself included) It is a good habit to start using reusable bottles & bags to reduce our consumption of plastic. Shame on you if you fit in the category of “Buy 1 bottle of Evian Mineral water a day & toss it when I'm done with it”. Come on why can’t you just buy a reusable bottle instead? If obtaining clean water is something that you are concerned about, I advise you to try Coway’s Water Purification System which can filtrate up to 99.99% of harmful water particles. Many country’s supermarkets are encouraging their customers to use reusable bags for their groceries. They do that by charging their customers for plastic & paper bags should they need to use it. I feel that this is a nurturing/education process that we should advocate our citizens, youths and hopefully, someday we can have this practice of using our own reusable bags as well. Sure does present a little hassle, but often it is the simplest effort that carries through the longest way.

3. Grow More Plants & Trees

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If you’ve been following my post you will have known what this is all about. Plants are the best natural greenhouse gas neutralizer available to our world. And at the same time, it serves as our natural Air Purifier Systems. The act of photosynthesis is the process of converting dreadful greenhouse gasses like Carbon Dioxide (Co2) into Oxygen which is friendly to every being alive. The more plants and trees we have on our planet, the lesser Carbon Dioxide content we will have in our environment. Which in the long run will reduce or if not slow down the process of the temperature spike around the world.

4. Service your Equipment.

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Okay, this is probably the easiest one to understand but yet most household cheats on. General knowledge, an electronic device with a filter inserted will have to work harder and consumes more electricity when its filter gets dirty or choke. Or when you are operating an electronic equipment running on two equal components. When one is faulty, the other will have to consume more electricity to keep the device running. Therefore, to minimise your utility bills & the lifespan of your products, I think it is good to pay for a routine check on your electronics, especially your Air-Conditionals(we all know how hot Singapore is).

5. The Minimalist lifestyle.

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If there was one thing that I can come to terms with being "unchaseable", that will be technology. Technology is ever changing, ever developing. Even as you read, I am sure someone out there in an R&D Centre or in their Parent’s Garage(sounds more like me) have just made a significant technology breakthrough. I mean who knows, perhaps iPhone 10’s prototype has just been created. What happened to the good old days where kids find joy & satisfaction from naive fun like sliding down the hill with a cardboard or playing tag with their friends at the playground? What happens to those times whereby the first thing you want to do when you are free is to actually meet your friends or people IN PERSON? Instead of just merely looking through our sophisticated social gadgets these days. That being said, technology advancement will always be a double-edged sword. If you happen to be an advocate on the human touch or personal engagement then you are not just doing your “soul” a personal favor but at the same time you are reducing electronic wastage and making the world a better place to live in. “Bravo to you!”

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