Okay people, due to the unfortunate Forest Fire in Sumatra we can all smell the ash burnt, fume like odor every time we step to the outdoors. We all know that the Haze is bad for our health, but we don’t know how to defend ourselves and our loved ones from it. Here are 5 ways to fight the Haze you must know.


Do your gardening

Urban Gardening

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You’ve probably forgotten, an amazing function of a green plant is Photosynthesis. Did you know that the plants our elderly or spouse grow actually acts as a natural air purifier for you & I? Yes, I’m talking about those strange looking plants obstructing our way in the balcony, along with the corridors or even within our home! However, it is through photosynthesis that these green plants absorb certain harmful particles from the air along with Carbon Dioxide and processes it into our daily necessity, Oxygen.

PS: “Not Everything our Elderly does are bad”


Wear a mask

Singaporeans wearing masks

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Needless to say, Wear a Mask when you’re outdoors! However, it have become a tall order to convince both my friends and family the importance of it. Health over Beauty at all times especially when the PSI is over 200! 

Here is some information you should share with your friends or family to convince them the importance of wearing a Mask.


Type Of Mask

Origin of Certification

Filter Capability

Cost (Seasonal)


N95 mask

United States National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

95 % filter efficiency

A Box of $20 can be found in Fairprice Xtra Outlets

EN-149 mask

European standard for respiratory masks

80 to 99 % of airborne dust particles.

A Pack of 20 can be bought on http://www.greenham.com/for $34

Info Source: Straitstimes


Use an air purifier

Air purifier bedroom

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Okay, people, I believe this is a no-brainer. Every single year when our neighbors get caught up in a Forest Fire situation, inevitably we will be affected. On average,  just under ¼ of a year, we are in an environment where the PSI level is in an unhealthy range. Months like this the worst we have experienced was a PSI rating over 300! Usually, the price of an Air Purifier ranges between $100 to over $1000. Some tips for choosing a good Air Purifier is to select one with a wide surface area coverage, a HEPA Filter, and a Dust Particle Sensor.


Stay indoors

Haze in Singapore

I get it, it is inevitable that we can’t be at home or indoors all the time. However, do TRY to be in an indoor environment as much as you can. For example, instead of taking jog outdoor, head to an indoor gym for the treadmill. Don’t wish to walk outside to grab a meal? Chose a Food Delivery service and get your meals straight at your doorstep.


Drink LOTS of water and eat healthily

Asian girl drinking water

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Having to smell the haze and breathe in all these poor air particles are bad enough. Furthermore, it is difficult for us to control. But the very minimal that we can do for ourselves and our loved ones is to Stay Healthy. Increase your Vitamin intake (especially Vitamin C) to beef up the immune system. Drink as much Water as you can. Even better, drink “How To Add More Detox To Your Water” to learn more about healthy living. 

PS: Sometimes it’s the little things in life, that makes the greatest Difference. 


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