Obviously, we know that water is a daily necessity and one should drink or consume no less than 8 glasses of water a day. Sadly, due to our up-tempo lifestyle & working habits, we tend to neglect this guideline which may result in several health implications immediately or in the long run. Though I can’t whisper to you every hour to hydrate yourself, I can share with u ways to identify this problem. Here are 6 signs that you aren’t drinking enough water.

1. Bad Breath

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Ever had this morning where you got to work early, feeling good about yourself but right when your colleague opens his/her mouth to greet you, your morning got totally ruined. Yes, I'm talking about that stale & dry morning odor emerging from your colleague’s breath. I’ve witnessed that far too often and I’m on a mission to solve this problem! Tip number 1, After a good night sleep whereby your body is in a state of inactivity for 6-8 hours, the first thing you should do when you awake is to REFILL your body with at least one glass of water. That being said please don’t skip the morning brush of your teeth. Tip number 2, Carry a water bottle to work. Along the way to your work venue, please constantly sip some water EVEN if you are not thirsty. Water intoxication only happens when you drink more than 1.5L of water within one hour consistently throughout a day. So as long as you are not close to that volume, just constantly sip some water! If you can do these two simple steps faithfully, I assure you that we can significantly eliminate this dreadful morning breath syndrome.


2. Urinal Colour Indicator

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Alright guys, if you were from the Singapore Arm Forces, this would have been installed in your minds. People, the simplest sign to notice if you have been drinking enough water is through your urinal color. Yes, I am encouraging you to start noticing your urine color straight from the projectile. Base on the chart above, you’re in the healthy level in terms of water consumption should your urinal color be above the red line. Anything below calls for a major concern and you should immediately increase your water intake for the day. Follow this verification procedure each time you urinate and you will be able to track your water consumption level efficiently.


3. Constipation

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If you didn’t know, Constipation is derived from a combination of happenings & behaviors. It comes down to the type of food you eat, your lifestyle, habits & most importantly the amount of Water you intake within a day. Fun fact, fruits & vegetable not only contain high Fiber, but they also contain a high amount of water volume. Yes, the liquid obtains from the food you eat also add up to the “8 Glasses of Water“ guideline. A key function of water is to facilitate bowel activity and to ease the defecating process. Water acts as a “lubricant” throughout our organs and along with dietary fiber, it acts as a catalyst to mold our waste together. Therefore, should you be suffering from constipation or inconsistent bowel activity then it’s probably a sign that you need to drink more Water!


4. Feeling Sick

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Alright, should you fall into the category of “falling sick at least once a week” then you should really pay attention to this post. First of all, let me highlight some more crucial functions of water. 1) Water maintains our ideal body temperature level. That’s the reason why when we are feeling feverish, the doctor always asks us to drink more water. Water acts as a medium that balances out our body temperature. Cooling you down when you are feeling feverish, and warming you up when you are feeling cold. 2) Water flushes out toxins from our body. The more water you drink the more opportunity you are giving your body to flush out toxins & waste via urination, defecating & perspiration. 3) Water facilitates the movement of nutrients & mineral throughout our body. Insufficient intake of water represents the possible inefficient transportation of vital nutrients & minerals throughout our body. Therefore, whenever you feel unwell, the very least you could do for yourself is to drink LOTS of water.


5. Lack of perspiration

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Ever have this one friend that doesn’t really seem to perspire even on the hottest day? Well, it’s time to keep an eye on him. As I’ve mentioned, a crucial function of water is to aid in the flushing of toxins & waste out of our body. Perspiration is one form of such flushing out process. That’s the reason why we are always encouraged to exercise and break a sweat. Not sure if you noticed, but after a good work out and some high volume of perspiration you will usually feel a lot more refresh & healthy as you’ve just flushed out a good amount of toxins in your body. So if you happen to be a “non-sweater” one of the reason could be due to your low level of water intake. If you don’t fill sufficient level of water into your body, you will not have enough water to process and flush out these toxins quickly. Therefore, always keep yourself hydrated with water to provide your body with sufficient “ammunition” to fight its daily battle.

6. You are reading this post

Okay, you are safe if you are reading this just to gain some knowledge. However, I am guessing most of my audiences here have issues or doubts about the right amount of water to drink or the implications to health due to the lack of hydration. To summarise, you are encouraged to drink & consume at least 8 glasses of water a day and even more if you are a sporty individual. Constantly evaluate your urine color from the projectile to have a good gauge on your water consumption level. Last but not least, drink even if you don’t feel thirsty. Should you be able to choose, I highly recommend you to drink Purified Water. With the harsh environment that we are living in along with the highly chemicalized food that we consume on a daily basis, our body definitely can do without chemicals from our water. To learn more about purified water and how to obtain one for your family or office, do click here to learn more about Coway. Coway is the industry leader in Water Purification Systems specialized in providing its people with clean Purified Water. Should you have any other queries or uncertainty about water please feel free to leave a comment below and I will be glad to engage with you.

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