Technology, most people love it, a handful of others hates it. It is something that youths & young adults cannot live without while mothers and grandparents dread about it every single day. To me, technology will always be a double-edged sword. When we chose to use the ones or ways which can benefit our everyday life, I am sure you will be grateful to it for life. Should we chose to use it in ways which alter our daily behavior negatively, then that might become something you ended up regretting about in the future. Here are ways to ensure Technology can improve our lives.

1. Social Media

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Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have become most people’s daily necessity. We all use it for different purposes, here are some good and bad practices.


Extend your Network of Friends, Stay Connected.

Prior to platforms like facebook, it was a great hassle for us to be updated about what's going on with your friends life, communication could only be done by letters, e-mail, postcards which usually only provide you with text. Social media platforms enable us to learn more than what we need to be told. As people tend to post any and everything online these days. As the saying goes, picture paints a thousand words.

Get the latest News Anytime, Anywhere

Gone were the days where the quickest way to obtain news is from the 6am published newspapers. All we need to do now is to look at our Twitter account. Twitter have become the fastest news release platform simply because of the ease of usage. Just tweet it! All breaking news seems to be widely tweeted and shared across the platform multiple times.


Posting Excessively

Okay this have become a common syndrome. Don’t we all have this one friend whom would share with the world their entire daily routine? “I Just woke up” , “Having breakfast now” , “Waiting for the bus” , “What should i eat for lunch?”. I guess social media have allow one to literally “think out loud” online.


Like it or not, with the ease of accessibility and connectivity leads to an inevitable of tracking, “bread crumbs” dropping which results to a breach in personal online security. Ever wonder why a particular item you were browsing during your previous online shopping expedition ended up surfacing on your browsers for the next couple of days? Well, in digital marketing term we call this Remarketing or Retargeting. In layman's term you are being stalked and tracked. If a simple E-commerce site has the ability to track your online behaviours so easily, what do you think our government or profession cyber hackers are doing? Food for thought.

2. Home Appliances



The main purpose why automation technology and gadgets were created is to improve the lives of people. When you use technologies like Coway’s CHP-240N Water Purification System which uses an instant heating panel, it significantly decreases your utility bill as now you don’t have to cater electricity to maintain your heating tank. With purified ambient, cold and hot water accessible within one touch, you can now bypass the procedures to boil your tap water prior to drinking. Save time and Save money on your utility bills in the long run.

Final Thoughts

Use gadgets, appliances, and technologies in ways which can improve our daily lives. Don’t be bound by technology and the digital world. Embrace it, utilize it in ways which will value-add to our living experiences. At times it doesn't hurt to put our phones down and head outside to meet our friends. Physical touch and engagement is something that technology will never be able to replace.


By Randy Chai

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