This is a shoutout to people holding managerial appointments in the corporate world all the way down to the bosses and future bosses for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) or Startups. No matter what industry you are in, people, human-beings, your employees will always be the key pillar of any organization or company. Yet very often, companies still face a high turnover rate and a lack of stable workforce. I know there are plenty of tangible factors which affect the above-mentioned problems which may be difficult to solve. But here are 3 intangible Ways to Improve Employee’s Well-Being Every Boss Must Know about.

Engage Your People

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There are many forms of engagement that a company or boss can conduct for their employees. For example, having a weekly team meeting, monthly company update or even a one to one engagement session are ways you can make your employees feel important and significant to your company. However, very often it is the simplest form of effort that carries through the longest way. All it takes is for you as boss or manager to show sincere care and concern to your employees on a daily basis which beats any other form of tangible motivation strategies. Just ask yourself, wouldn’t you appreciate a smile, morning greetings and the simplest questions like, “How are you?”, “How was the Weekend?” or even “How is work going for you today?”. All of us are sensitive and emotional beings, the best motivation you can provide to your employees is one which adds an emotional touch. I urge you to ask these questions SINCERELY to your employees on a daily basis. And I assure you it will lead to the most productive conversion you will ever have with them throughout that day.

Make Time for Cohesion/Retreat

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Cohesion and Retreats come in many forms and ways. Not every outing requires you to incur heavy expenses. Be CREATIVE and think out of the box on this one. For example, it doesn’t hurt for you to make a booking for a couple of sports venue at any Community Centres around Singapore. There are non-contact, easy to pick up team sports like, Badminton or Table Tennis doubles which can literally be found and conducted anytime, anywhere. When a company, set aside some time and make an effort in planning on a weekly or monthly basis it will give your employees that additional “Kick” to pull through the day. Having a cohesion/retreat are not just ways to let your employees let their hair down. But it also an excellent team building and engagement opportunity for the entire team, department or company.

Have a Functional Pantry

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It will be extremely sad for you to know that the one and only location whereby your employees can find peace in is the Toilet Cubicle. To fight off this hideous conception I highly encourage you to have a Functional Pantry. It doesn’t have to be an extravaganza pantry, you just need to have several pieces of equipment that a human being would need. For example, a small refrigerator (you will have employees whom prepares their own meals and do their groceries shopping during their lunch break), a microwave oven, and a water dispensing machine with Hot, Cold & Ambient temperature functions. Having these types of equipment is one thing, having it being functional calls for a whole other level of effort and planning. How depressing would it be if your refrigerator is empty? Make an effort to promote healthy living by purchasing and leaving some fruits in there on a daily basis. Also, what is having a water dispenser with hot water functions for if you don’t provide your employees with coffee sachets, tea bags or confectionary drinks? Remember, it is often the simplest form of effort which carries through the longest way.

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