About Twenty2

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22 Associates (twenty2) is a no-frills boutique style, Distribution Company with specific interests in innovative environmental and wellness products. We reject the traditional business model of selling products through common means and had set out to explore different ways to love, care and reach out to our customers.
Having worked many years enriching our customers on the importance of environmental causes and devising with our business partners solutions; 22A's management team has collaborated with specialized brand partners that have strong global support and wide international presence, it is our business that our customers get the best in quality, reliability, and effectiveness.

At 22 Associates, we know that in order that our customers get to enjoy their world-class products we need to follow-through with world-class service. While international market leaders trust us to deliver their product experience to the right target market and consumers put their trusts in us to serve them well, we make it our continuous mission to ensure that both are well-pleased. We believe this is the secret to our success.

Our Mission
22 Associates' management and all their staffs are committed to helping people who believe in enhancing their total wellness and health, by providing solutions that focus on eliminating issues caused by today's imperfect living environment

Our Vision
Like the eagle, we hope to be able to spread our wings, wide enough to bring our wellness products to all walks of life.
How Do We Do It?
We would first identify and understand the needs of our clients, after all, we are all living in an environment enveloped by the natural and important elements in life - WATER AND AIR. ARE THEY GOOD ENOUGH? This is when we will approach and introduce ourselves as solution providers to the already good water channeled to your homes/ offices, and we differentiate ourselves thru our product line-ups' with superior technological advancements with complete pre and post-sales strategies.