Coway Research & Development

Research & Development Centre

Coway has established its first R&D center in 1993 before begins its factory production in 1994. In December 2006, Coway firmed a partnership with Seoul National University, a top-ranking university in Korea, to further develop technology-driven products utilizing both industrial and academy knowledge.

Research and development innovation at Coway is focused primarily on delivering improved consumer convenience rather than improved profits for the company. In other words, our R&D is founded on the Consumer-centric system that exhaustively identifies and discovers consumer needs in product development.

50 professional researchers focused on R&D programs

Coway's R&D center, which is equipped with 182 cutting-edge devices such as high-tech research facilities prides itself on adhering to the most stringent quality control, thus receiving the Reduction of Hazardous Substance (RoHS) Certificate of Compliance. As of the end of 2009, total 250 R& D researchers consist of doctorate, master and bachelor degree holders pursue well-being culture with products improving the quality of life.

Drinking Water Quality Inspection Institution

Total of KRW 58 billion was invested for the R&D Center, which includes facilities such as Environmental Analysis Center appointed by Han River Basin Environmental Office as “Drinking Water Quality Inspection Institution” and certified as KOLAS international testing lab for water quality, 45 laboratories, a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) measurement chamber, a dead room for noise Measurement, and wind tunnel measuring equipment.

R&D Center at Coway, we believe that “R&D-focused management” is the best way to remain faithful to our corporate Philosophy-”We strive to become a company that creates best technologies for customers.” Indeed, our R&D capability is the key driving force behind our growth and a unique value that is not likely emulated by others