BAMBI (P-250N)
BAMBI (P-250N)
BAMBI (P-250N)
BAMBI (P-250N)

BAMBI (P-250N)


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Non-electric counter-top water purifier and dispenser with a beautifully designed, convenient to use push button system (suitable for small offices and homes with less than 10 persons)

  • Compact Size

  • Tank-less System

  • Continuous Extraction

  • Dual Installation Function

  • Sleek & Slim Design

NOTE: Installation & service membership are optional purchases and are not included in this offer


Small & Compact

The small and compact design that will slide into almost any space. Just the right size for the minimalistic individual, small family. Perfect for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO).

Dual Installation

The innovative design allowing you to install the system either through the tap or via a direct water source under the basin.

Nanotrap Filter

Nano Trap, a new filtration technology that removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a compact filter, maintains good water pressure without the loss of its effectiveness.


Working by just the pressure of the water, there is no need for any electricity, immediately cutting cost to your utility bill.

Tank-less System

With a direct feed and continuous extraction method, there is no need for a storage tank, eliminating any risk for secondary contamination of the filtered water.

Power Consumption No Electric Power Required
Filtration Method NanoTrap System
Tank Capacity Room Temperature Water Direct
Filter Neo Sense Filter
(Plus Sediment & Pre-Carbon)
NanoTrap 8”
Plus Inno-sense D
(Fine Sediment & Post-Carbon)
Filtration Capacity 16,655L (4,400gal)/ 568ℓ (150gal) for VOCs
Dimension (Width x Height x Depth) 105 (W) x 350 (D) x 275 (H) mm
Net Weight 3 kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


Nano Filtration at 0.001 Micron Purified