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Enjoy The Most Comfortable Washroom Experience
  • Better Cleaning Performance
  • Eliminates possible bacteria transmission
  • Uncompromised female hygiene
  • Best for senior citizens
Clean & Save
It is the evolutionary air bubbles cleaning method makes cleansing more powerful, while reducing water consumption up to 50%.

MF Filter for Clean Water
Nano silver ceramic MF filters with silver ceramic balls ensure pure and clean water.

Stainless Steel Nozzle
Soiling-resistant nozzle helps to reduce and prevent bacterial growth.

Easy Installation
Installation of the Coway’s Bidet is easy as there are no complex electrical wirings involved. Trouble free installation between the joint at the toilet bowl and the bidet can be easily adjusted with the given universal bracket.

Hydraulic Damper
All Coway Manual Bidet covers come with a built-in hydraulic damper for a smooth and silent closing operation.

Electricity Free
The Coway’s Manual Bidet does not require any electricity thus it could be installed in most washroom seating pedestal with ease.


Power Consumption No Electric Power Required (Battery-Powered)
Cleansing Front Cleansing: Max. 1L/min, self-cleansing nozzle
Rear Cleansing: Max. 1L/min, self-cleansing nozzle
Water Pressure Control 2 Steps Control
Nozzle Position Control 3 Steps Control
Supply Water Pressure 14.5 - 98.6 psi
Filter Nano silver ceramic MF filter
Dimension 405(W) x 500(D) x 125(H) mm
Net Weight 5.2 kg