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Slim Design with Powerful Performance

Advanced air purification system that comes equipped with clear, intuitive operation (suitable for medium room size usage)

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) control system
  • Pollution indicator/speed indicator
  • Slimmer with high-efficiency flow path design
  • Filter configuration
  • Easy-to-use control access
  • Effectively inactivate H1N1 virus


Effortless single-touch operation and the ease of use is limited to the number of buttons for added convenience providing customers the peace of mind.

Dust Sensor

Constant monitoring and accurate measurement of indoor air pollution through the level of dust particles and bacteria.

High-Efficiency Flow Path Design

The innovative flow path design reduces the space around the fan allowing for a slimmer and more efficient product.

Engineered for Customer Safety

It comes with automatic power shut-off function, compact safety grill covers, and a dual cover discharge design port to ensure your home safety.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Unattended operation is regulated by an AI control program that adjusts airflow according to the level of pollution and switches to Power Saving or Sleep mode pending on the air purity.

Award Winning Design

The AP-1008 design is conceived by IDEO, a globally recognized design consultancy firm inspired by nature itself and is kindled by images and sensations of pristine air, tranquil environment and fresh ocean breeze.*IDEO is the first to design computer mouse & Polaroid camera.

The Colourful Pollution Indicators The color of the pollution indicator lamp provides immediately visible notice of the current air quality.

Power Consumption 47W
Dust Collection Method HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air)
Filter Pre-filter, Anti-Virus Filter (Medium + Deodorization), HEPA Filter
Air Flow 1.72 ~ 5.88 CMM
Service Area (AHAM) 25.3㎡/ 272.6 ft2
CADR Dust: 188ft2
Smoke: 176ft2
Pollen: 191ft2
Safety device Power shuts down when door is open
Dimension 354(W) x 645(H) x 194(D) mm
Net Weight 6.8kg
*CADR: Clean Air Delivery Rate Certified by AHAM