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Floor Standing hot, cold & ambient Water Purifier with Cup Dispenser
Direct flow freestanding filtration appliance

  • Intuitive display, user-oriented one touch extraction
  • One push dispensing system
  • Main Filter: Nanotrap filter
  • Extraction: Purified Extra Hot, Hot, Cold & Ambient water
  • Anti-Scale Filter
  • Convenient Cup Dispenser

    Intuitive display and user-oriented push dispenser
    It is more convenient to extract Cold/Hot/Room temperature (ambient) water through a single faucet. One push to extract continuously.

    Built-in cup dispenser
    A conveniently built-in cup dispenser allows users to easily pick up a disposable cup for immediate water extraction. Without the need for additional space to accommodate a separate cup dispenser usually found on conventional water dispensers. Good for public usage.

    Extra Hot Heating System
    An extra hot button allows users access to extra hot water in a short time.

    Good Design Award
    Winner of the prestigious Good Design Award, one of three big design awards in the world. It is the Oscar of the design field, an award of authority.

    3 Types of Water 
    A single dispensing nozzle for hot, cold and ambient temperature water. Ready whenever you need it.

    Nano Trap Filtration
    Nano Trap, a new filtration technology that removes 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in a compact filter, maintains good water pressure without the loss of its effectiveness.

    Safety Child Lock
    A designated safety lock prevents hot water from accidentally dispensing and children from getting unnecessary burns while using the system.

    One Push Dispensing
    Easy to use, a single push of the button to dispense water of your desired temperature and volume.

    Carbon Block Filter
    Removes chlorine and enhance the taste & odor of the water.

    Anti-Bacterial Faucet
    A hygienic faucet to inhibit the growth of micro-organism.

    Filtration Method   NanoTrap System
    Tank Capacity Room water Direct
    Cold water 3 L
    Hot water 1.2L
    Filter Nano Trap Filter Nano Fiber PAC (Double Layer)
    Anti-Scale Plus Inno Sense Filter Anti-Scale & Carbon
    Filtration Capacity 3,600L (950gal)
    Dimension (Width x Height x Depth) 300 (W) x 430 (D) x 1100 (H) mm
    Net Weight 30kg

    Nano Filtration at 0.001 Micron Purified