Refurbished - MACH (CHP-03A)

Refurbished - MACH (CHP-03A)


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Reverse Osmosis Counter-top water purifier and dispenser (suitable for small offices and homes with less than 10 persons).

  • Micom-Control System
  • Energy-Saving Night Mode
  • Advanced Anti-bacterial System
  • Hot Water Safety Faucet
  • Integrated Overflow Sensor

Easy Operation with Changeover Faucet
Cold or Ambient water is delivered at your fingertip by a simple rotation of the selection knob.

Hot Water Safety Faucet
Prevents burn or hot water scalding as a safety feature.

Night Mode (Sleep Mode)
Turning on the “Sleep Mode” will automatically reduce the operation of the hot and cold compressors by sensing light density at night. (1st grade of Energy Saving grade in Korea Ministry of Industry & Resources)

Convenient Water Drain System
Add convenience by draining hot water on the front of the product without physically moving the product.

Micom Controller
To deliver the best possible water quality to the user through a special microcontroller that monitors the whole water purification process at all times.

Integrated Overflow Sensor The integrated overflow sensor detects any abnormal activities in the system particularly in the “Main Tank Overflow” that maybe resulted from the leakages of the filters and its tubing.

Automatic Over Cooling / Over Heating Temperature Control
The cooling and heating system works only when the unit contains enough water sensed by in-built microcontrollers to monitor the water level. This will also be a safety feature to protect the system from damages caused by overcooling and overheating.

Advanced Anti-bacterial System
By adopting the micro-dust filter right in front of the water tank, the amount of micro-dust flows into the tank is minimized which can ensure clean and fresh water at all time.

Air-tight Tank
Separate air-tight structure prevents secondary contamination caused by foreign materials such as dust, bugs etc.

Fine Filter
By adding a fine filter, it will minimize fine dust particles that can be flowed into the tank through the Post-Carbon filter.

Filtration Method   Reverse Osmosis System
Tank Capacity Room water 6.6 L
Cold water 3.6 L
Hot water 1.2 L
Filter Neo-sense
(Sediment + Pre Carbon Filter)
Membrane 11”
Post-carbon 11”
Fine-dust Carbon 7”
Ceramic Assembly
Filtration Capacity 120 L/day (25°C, 20 psi)
Dimension (Width x Height x Depth) 344 (W) x 540 (D) x 525 (H) mm
Net Weight 18.5kg

Hyper Filtration with 0.0001 Micron Purified