Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)
Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)
Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)
Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)
Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)

Refurbished - METRO (CHP-04A)


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Reverse Osmosis Floor-standing water purifier and dispenser (suitable for offices with more than 10 persons).

  • UV Cycle System
  • Advanced Micro-dust Filtering System
  • Three Preset Water Temperatures
  • Micom Controller
  • Energy Saving Night Mode

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Refurbished unit available.
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Floor-Standing Design and Large Capacity Detachable Waterspout
The largest capacity of water tank able to fulfill the needs for a large amount of water additionally the detachable waterspout satisfy the need to extract a large amount of water for cooking or outdoor uses.

Three Preset Water Temperatures
The operation status of the purifier, including water temperature, can be easily checked.

UV Cycle System
Prevents microorganism caused by second contamination, by circulating the treated water inside the storage tank periodically.

Night Mode (Sleep Mode)
As turning on the “sleep” switch, reduces automatically the operation time of the compressor by sensing light density at night. (1st grade of Energy saving grade in Korea Ministry of Industry & resources)

Filtration Method   Reverse Osmosis System
Tank Capacity Room water 14 L
Cold water 4.8 L
Hot water 3.6 L
Filter Plus-sediment
(High Turbidity Filter + Sediment Filter)
Pre-carbon 14”
Membrane 14” (50GPD)
Fine-Post Carbon 14” (Fine Active Acrbone)
UV Filter UV Filter (Water Circulation Type)
Filtration Capacity 190 L/day (25°C, 20 psi)
Dimension (Width x Height x Depth) 380 (W) x 437 (D) x 1265 (H) mm
Net Weight 36.5kg
  • Specifications are subject to change without prior notice

Hyper Filtration with 0.0001 Micron Purified