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Coated with a layer of crystal acrylic, the pearly-white design of Scandal AP-1510BH is easy to match with any kind of interior space and give a touch of elegance to your room.

  • Elegant Design
  • Multi-hued Pollution Indicator
  • ECO mode for Energy Saving
  • Better Protection by Antibacterial Filter
  • Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter remove Influenza Virus
  • Timer, whenever at your convenience

Better Protection by Antibacterial Deodorization Filter

The Antibacterial Deodorization Filter greatly removes the mold, germ and bad odors in the air before it reaches the Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter. In other words, it not only enhances the performance but also prolongs the life of the filter.

Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter Remove Influenza Virus

Anti-Flu HEPA™ Filter formulated from Ginkgo and Japanese Sumac extracts are able to deactivate the virus by destroying the protein on its surface.

ECO mode for Energy Saving

When it's switch to Eco Mode, the air will tell the machine what to do. If the air quality remains in clean level for 10 minutes, Power Saving Mode will be automatically turn on and the fan will be shut down. After 30 minutes, the fan will be activated again to circulate the air for another 10 minutes.

Timer, whenever at your convenience

Want to keep the air in your house clean always even when you are not around? Just set your preferred time and the air purifier will keep on working until the predetermined time. 

More than Just Colors

A glimmer of the multi-hued indicator light waving softly like heart rhythm ensures that users can easily tell the surrounding air quality.


Power Consumption 49W
Dust Collection Method HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air)
Filter Pre-filterAntibacterial Deodorization FilterAC Deodorization FilterAnti-Flu HEPA™ Filter
Air Flow Max. 6.9m3 / min
Service Area 33㎡/ 352 ft2
CADR Smoke: 250ft2
Safety device Power shuts down when door is open
Dimension 455(W) x 685(H) x 285(D) mm
Net Weight 11 kg
*CADR: Clean Air Delivery Rate Certified by AHAM